Decontamination Service

Invasive Species Equipment Decontamination Service

We provide the following services:

Inspect & Clean Equipment
• Remove Tires
• Water/pressure blast all suspensions including the under carriage
•Lift equipment as neccessary.
•Remove visible soil, vegetation, verterbrates, invertebrates, aquatic plants, algae or sediments
• We look for: snails, spiders, snakes, wasps, bees and mud dobbers, mice, rats, and ants of all kinds, lizards, geckos, and eggs of all kinds

• Drain all water
• Remove all fluids, oil, hydraulics, diesel, and gasoline
• Disconnect all batteries Dry
• We are on Guam so we can depend on the sun to do most of the work.
• Everything must be bone dry before packing and shipping.

Chemical Decontamination
• We employ various methods to accomplish decontamintion.Inspection
• We work closely with all relevant Goverment Authorities.

• KwikSPACE handles all aspects of loading the equipment no matter the size. We have a fully equipped yard.
• Block and chain as required, we follow TEA-PAM 55-20 Tie Down handbook for Truck Movements and TEA-PAM 55-23 Containerization of Military Vehicles.

• We employ a full compliment of tractor trailers, lowboys, cranes etc.

Customs and Agent• We can also handle all the neccessary customs paper work. We are also certified to transport HAZMAT containers and materials.

(Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration No. 052013 553 052VX, issued 05/21/2013, HM Company ID: 063563) (Customs Agent License Srl. No. 1304329)

If you are looking to hire us for transportation and logistics, feel free to contact us for a quotation via [email protected] or calling our main office: (671) 479-5945 or calling our Operations Manager Jerry Castro: (671) 888-5945